Dünya Tekstil, Tasarım, Ev Giyim, Spor Giyim, Pijama, Kurumsal Giyim, Havlu,

Bornoz, Peştemal, Denizli Dünya Tekstil Pijama, Kurumsal Giyim,

Dünya Tektsil Havlu, Denizli Bornoz, Dünya Tekstil Denizli

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DUNYA TEKSTİL gives a big importance and make investments on design and product development. To be one step ahead in the market and fullfill the customer’s expectations, the design team follows up the latest trends to stay up-to-date and regularly visit fashion fairs to get inspiration on trend fabrics, colours, print techniques, applications and accessories/trims.

The key elements are creativity, originality and sustainability in every aspect of our collection productions.